Every dog a badge

We make walking a dog more fun. Every time you walk your dog you get points. And when you collect the most points in a dogdogsquare your dog is the Topdop of that dogdogsquare.

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More fun with your dog

Make walking your dog more fun. Now you can earn badges when you walk your dog. Every week your dog can be Topdog of a Dogdogsquare. The only thing you have to do is to check in with your phone when you are a near a dogdogsquare. On this site you will see dogdogsquares near you. The Dogdogsquares will be shown too. On your phone you will see a map so you can walk directly to a dogdogsquare.

Your Dogdogsquare

You can suggest new Dogdogsquares near you. When that Dogdogsquare is accepted then you will earn a badge too! You can invite friends to the Dogdogsquare and walk your dogs together!

Lots of Badges

Not only you will get a badge when your dog is the topdop of a dogdogsquare, you can also earn other badges.

You get a badge when you visit 5 or more different Dogdogsquares. When you visit a Dogdogsquare in another country you also get a badge.

You also can sent us a tip for a new Dogdogsquare. When your tip is accepted, you will get also a badge.

Do you walk your dog over a long distance from home then you will get a badge too!

And we will introduce other badges very soon.